Light, textures, forms, natural or man-made... their interaction is what inspires my photography.

My fascination with photography started over 40 years ago in my father’s small darkroom that was tucked under the basement stairs. In that small dark room I learned the chemistry that made the pictures magically appear on the paper. This is probably originally what put me on an education path for a BS in Chemistry from RPI and an initial career as a Chemist. Now I am the Director of Retail Operations at Sugarbush.

Out in the field with my father I learned how to use the camera and the equipment to compose and get the photograph that I envisioned in my head.

No matter how many times I would go into the darkroom, there was always that magical moment, after I exposed the photographic paper and placed it in the developer and agitated it when the image would start to appear. That magical moment of either excitement or disappointment when I would discover if my exposure was either correct or not and the image that appeared was what I had intended it to be.

As I have grown older and technology has advanced, with some reluctance, I have moved into the digital age. A new set of photographic tools needs to be learned, computer software has replaced chemicals, memory cards have replaced film, but the basics are still the same and the three elements of light, texture and form still inspire me to keep producing images that I hope inspire, fascinate and please those who take the time to look at and enjoy them.

I like to think that I see things in a different light. Often my wife will ask “what are you looking at” when I shoot some of my photos and will sometimes wonder about the photographs I produce.

Thank you very much for viewing my website.

I truly hope you like my photographs.